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Net zero 2050

By 2050 this country will have to balance the amount of greenhouse gases produced against the amount removed from the atmosphere

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Net zero 2050 

In June 2019, the UK became the first major economy to pass a law detailing net zero emissions by 2050. This law means the country will have to balance the number of greenhouse gases produced against the amount removed from the atmosphere. It will reach net zero when the amount removed equals the amount added.

The Government set out a 10 Point Plan on achieving this, highlighting £12 billion of Government investment, with potentially three times as much from the private sector. It focuses on the following areas and looks to create and support hundreds of thousands of green jobs:

· advancing offshore wind

· driving the growth of low carbon hydrogen

· delivering new and advanced nuclear power

· accelerating the shift to zero-emission vehicles

· green public transport, cycling and walking

· ‘jet zero’ and green ships

· greener buildings

· investing in carbon capture, usage and storage

· protecting our natural environment

· green finance and innovation


The strategy on how the Government planned to achieve this ambitious goal was later outlined in a press release in October 2021, shortly before the COP26 summit and posted on the Government website. The UK’s Net Zero Strategy is built on the 10 point plan setting out a comprehensive economy-wide proposal for how British businesses will be supported in the transition to green energy.

This investment in sustainable clean energy will lower the reliance on fossil fuels, thus reducing the risk of high and volatile prices in the future.

Net Zero Funding aims to help companies find the finance they need to contribute towards these goals. Thus, future-proofing their businesses and making them better for the environment.  

About Us

We help you explain your business and consumer benefits to funders or investors to de-risk their investments and see the future from wind and solar power to net zero ways of doing everyday things like getting water or waste management.

We're passionate about making the world greener

We work with businesses looking to use innovative technology to solve energy saving problems within the energy industry and companies generally looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Mission

To assist innovative green technology and companies contributing to a net zero future, navigate financial channels and obtain the capital they need to succeed.

Our Vision

To help businesses become more sustainable, energy-efficient and reduce carbon emissions by providing asset finance to acquire renewable assets or upgrade existing equipment and help support the transition.